Allotments - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Allotment?

Allotment gardens are characterised by a concentration in one place of up to several hundred plots of growing land that are rented out to individuals for the purpose of growing food crops.

Who owns them around Wakefield?

Wakefield District Council has over 1800 plots but there are also over 1700 plots managed by Parish and Town Councils or Wakefield District Housing. See our allotment map here for a full list.

How much do allotments cost to rent?

Costs vary across the country from as little as £8 to £120 per year but generally average out at £60 to £80 per full plot. Discounts are quite often available for the unwaged or retired.

How big are allotments?

An average size full allotment plot in Wakefield is around 250 metre square but some sites have half and even quarter plots available.

Aren't all allotments over subscribed?

The majority of sites tend to have waiting lists but there are often some in the Wakefield district with availability. Browse the map above to find your nearest site and click on the pin to find a contact for the landowner.

Is allotment gardening for me?

If you would like to know if allotment gardening is for you watch these short films or try the following website from Green Lane Allotments in Horbury which has lots of useful blogs and information about Allotment life:

Allotments – What are the benefits?

Healthy Food

Having an allotment enables you to grow fresh organic fruit, vegetables and flowers of your choice, and harvest them fresh, straight from the plant.

Save Money

They can save you ££££s every year on your shopping bill. Many plot holders are almost self sufficient in vegetables.

Carbon Footprint

Allotment growing reduces food miles by allowing you to walk to your allotment to gather your own produce rather than driving to the supermarket to buy food that has travelled 1000's of miles.

Make New Friends

Allotments are great places to meet people and are a valuable source of recreation and entertainment for people of all ages from all walks of life.

Its Therapeutic

Allotment gardening is good for your physical health and is very therapeutic. It is also available to able bodied and disabled people alike.


Allotments are fun for all the family. Children love to see things growing and they love to get dirty, so what can be better than growing your own fruit and vegetables.

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