Having a large membership that cares about what we do is essential to keep us growing and on the right track. If you’d like to become a member we’d love to have you.

Membership only £1 per year

Being a member brings benefits

You’ll get to hear about all our growing and local food opportunities first, become eligible to be a mini allotment plot holder and we’ll be developing other benefits that go with being a member over time as more people become involved.

Be kept up to date

This means that you’ll receive financial information and also information about the services that are being delivered and the impact of these services within the community and can ask questions at member’s meetings about that information.

Become eligible to become a director

Being a director in a social enterprise can be a wonderful personal and professional experience and as a member you can put yourself forward to become a director.

Be part of the social ownership of the company

Changes to the legal ways in which the company operates cannot be made without the majority of the members agreeing. This ensures that we will always stay true to our purpose

Collective Membership can ask for action

Whilst the directors have a greater involvement than the wider membership, the collective group can use the members reserve power to ensure, for the good of the company, that the directors respect their wishes.

Yearly membership costs £1

This is the sum that members agree to contribute to the costs of winding up the company, if that were to happen. Being a Company Limited by Guarantee means that each member has limited liability. And, that liability is the £1.

Grow Wakefield

Grow Wakefield