Grow Wakefield help link learning to school outdoor spaces.

We create tailored plans to meet class needs and facilitate outdoor learning opportunities. Here are some examples of our school sessions.

Year 1 Art:

Manipulating malleable materials  – creating ‘pinch pot’ porridge bowls for ‘The Three Bears’ and creating patterns using natural objects.

Year 1 Maths:

Creating patterns with autumn leaves.


Year 2 Science:

Identifying and recording plants and animals in different microhabitats


Year 2 History: 

Making Wattle and Daub walls to support learning about the topic ‘The Great Fire of London’

Year 2 PSHE:

Working together to look after the places and people in our community 

Respecting others and their differences

Year 2 Geography:

Creating story sticks and using directional language

Year 3 History:

Cross curricular learning through Mayan farming and gardening

Year 4 Geography:

Making water stills to find out about the water cycle

Year 4 Geography:

Reading and using compasses.

Year 4 Geography:

Creating ‘compass direction plant pots’ to learn the 8 compass points.

Year 4 Science:

Using classification guides to identify different living things.

Year 5 History:

Cross-curricular learning through Victorian Gardening

Measuring and planting box hedge
Beginning a 'parterre garden'

Year 6: Cross-curricular project – Creating a Sensory Garden


Decorating with poems and vocabulary
Measuring and designing areas
Choosing and placing sensory objects
Classifying and planting sensory plants

ASDAN curriculum linked projects:


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